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Change in the village by David Clark

We live in an age of technological laziness now – fast receding are the everyday skills we needed to run our lives. As long as we still have nimble fingers, reasonable eyesight, and a basic knowledge of computers and devices, life is here at our finger tips.

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Snow in Sofia by David Clark

David Clark is a British businessman, who lived and worked in Bulgaria for 12 years before retiring to Norfolk U.K. He is writing short stories and poems. When he was living in Sofia, he had published stories in different media. A contributor to “Sofia Echo” newspaper.

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Galya Clark

The Raspberry Picker by Galya Clark

Galya Clark is a journalist, who lives with her family in UK. In Bulgaria she was reporter on the national newspapers, Editor of a magazine, published in English, author and presenter of the television programme “Diplomatic missions” in EBF TV.

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