About the Website

This website offers information in the spheres in which Europe and the World Foundation is active: culture, art, education, science and the establishment of closer links between them and business, as well as the exchange of values in Europe and the world. In this website we present worthy personalities and events which sometimes stay off the focus of most media. As our activities are open to other cultures, we reserve a special spot for the events organized by the foreign institutes in Bulgaria and the respective departments of the embassies in Sofia.

We also use foreign information sources by explicitly pointing them out and providing direct links to them.

We feel it as our moral engagement to cover thoroughly the activities of our partner organizations. We believe that such a spirit of collegiality creates networks of like-minded people who support each other and with joint efforts bring their good intentions to life.

We do not pay royalties to external authors who choose to publish their works in this website. On the other side, our texts and photos can be used free of charge, naturally, pointing out the source.

The Bulgarian version of the website has been online since March 12, 2015, when it was presented officially at the Europe House in Sofia. The English language version was launched on June 2, 2015/ Not all prepared articles have been published so far. We are still fine-tuning some details of its design. However, we wanted to launch it in order to show the direction we are going to follow. We hope to make it in the form of a dialogue!