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The Greek Thread in Alvar Aalto’s Works

The great Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto was so fascinated by ancient Greek architecture that in 1925 he designed a classic Mediterranean atrium for his brother’s house (“Casa Väinö”) in Alajärvi. This is just one of the curious facts that the Greek architect Konstantinos Xanthopoulos cites in his richly illustrated book, Alvar Aalto and Greece: Trailing Ariadne’s Thread (MELISSA Publishing House)

THE TICKET by David Clark

Every Monday without fail, Miss Harper visited her local library and took out two books. One on murder, the other on travel. In her mind, she had visited many countries and knew many details of their history and culture. She could lecture at length, to anyone who cared to listen.

Trams by David Clark

I have always been intrigued by the trams of Sofia as they clatter and rock along their rickety tracks. People standing in the road muttering to themselves and looking for the next tram, which should have been here ages ago and when you get in the tram all life is here

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