About Us

Europe and the World Foundation was established on March 7, 2014, and was registered at Sofia City Court on March 31, 2014. Its aim is to support the development of culture, art, education, science and the establishment of closer links between them and business, as well as the exchange of values in Europe and the world. The foundation works for the establishment of beneficial contacts between the citizens of the EU member states and other countries, it promotes the EU policies and programmes in its sphere of activity, as well as good practices in this sphere in other parts of the world. Through its informative website the foundation promotes the Bulgarian, European and world cultural heritage, worthy books and cultural events, and encourages foreign language teaching and quality translations which create bridges between cultures. Amongst its priorities are the encouragement of investment in cultural industries, organizing informal meetings between artists and businessmen where they could share information about achievements and necessities, aiming at mutual support. Forthcoming is the establishment of Europe and the World internet radio, as well as an Art Business Centre bearing the same name. The foundation is keen on its cooperation with organizations, institutions and individuals in Bulgaria and abroad for a timely exchange of information and the creation of a network of partners.