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The Muses IYFF invites you to take part in this year’s short film competition which will take place in its second session between 10 and 15 July 2023.

The competition is open to fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and hybrid films with maximum duration of 20 minutes divided in 3 categories:

  • Non-professional films – You can apply in this category if you are still in high school, or if you have never studied filmmaking.
  • Student Films – You may apply in this category if you are currently a student in a film school.
  • Professional Films – You may apply in this category if you have already completed your film education including with your graduation films, whether or not you have already graduated.

A jury of 3 film professionals will award the following prizes in each category:

  • Best Feature Film,
  • Best Documentary,
  • Best Animated Film,
  • Best Experimental Film,
  • Best Hybrid Film,
  • Best Screenplay,
  • Best Cinematography,
  • Best Male Actor
  • Best Actress

Please submit your films to the following email address with a download link:

On MP4 file, H264 codec, minimum resolution FullHD, minimum 25 bit rate with English subtitles.

Deadline for submissions to the competition programme: 15.05.2023.


There will be three masterclasses organized for the participants with films competing in the Student Films category of the festival:

– Screenwriting

– Cinematography

– Acting for cinema

To participate in one of the three master classes, please send the following additional information: the name of the institution where you are studying; field of study; year of study; filmography (for film students), possibly with links to the student films you have made, or a list of the roles you have played during your studies.

Applications for the Masterclasses are accepted until 31.05.2023 at Only limited number of participants will be accepted.

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