Pavlina Tzvetanova, the girl with golden hands and kind heart

11:35ч / 10.05.2015г
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We used to know Pavlina Tzvetanova, or Polly, as one of the participants in the concerts of Sveta Paraskeva Academic Choir at the National Art Academy. Then, during a choir trip to Ohrid, she showed her friends in the bus baby hats she had knitted. They looked so perfect as if they were not hand made. Later, when everybody started gathering little multicoloured stones from Ohrid Lake and was disappointed that they lost their shine when they dried up, Polly taught us to cover them with transparent nail polish and regain their colour. Such a young girl, but she knew how to make objects around more beautiful! Still later we saw that Polly also made drawings, and clay figurines, and fine paper flowers, and fluffy balls and bears that cannot be seen elsewhere. It turned out that she had designed a technique for making them out of styrofoam, needles and threads. So, when the team of Europe and the World started discussions on who should be the first talent to present in our website, we quickly chose Polly. Not just for her golden hands but because we discovered that she had a heart of gold, too.

Polly was born in Botevgrad. She graduated in Ecology and Environmental Protection at the University of Forestry in Sofia. Now she completes her M.A. in Urban Ecology. Polly works as a babysitter and devotes her spare time to her passions – applied arts, reading and singing. She likes trying different things – quilling, knitting, crocheting, sewing, and working with clay, wool, wood, textiles. Polly doesn’t limit herself in any way. She has made Christmas trees out of pistachios and decorations out of sponges. Moreover, Polly is quite stubborn. When she decides to do something, she tries until she succeeds.

Polly has embraced a couple of noble causes. The first one aims to help the Peyo Yavorov Chitalishte (a local cultural centre in Sofia). It is housed in a small building which badly needs repairs. The Chitalishte doesn’t rely on public funds but the people who work there are full of enthusiasm and desire to work, so Polly wants to help them.

The other cause that she supports is the Knitting for Bulgarian Children initiative. It unites women from all over the country who make jointly things by knitting, usually blankets. Everybody makes a band or a square which are sewn together. The blankets are sold and the money goes to children with special needs like treatment or operation who lack the needed sum. Every month the group chooses to support two sick kids. Unfortunately, a lot of children in Bulgaria have cancer and need chemotherapy or treatment abroad which their parents cannot afford. In a couple of months the group has managed to collect almost 3000 levs. It was enough to send several children for treatment abroad, so the knitting women feel happy.