A Moroccan Award for Europe and the World Foundation

10:34ч / 13.01.2020г
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On January 3 H.E.Mrs. Zakia El Midaoui, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Bulgaria, hosted at her residence the first Diplomatic Cultural Salon organized by the World Moroccan Women Council and the Moroccan Embassy in Sofia. Co-organizers of the event were the Council of Moroccans Living Abroad and the Hassan II Foundation of Moroccans Living Abroad in collaboration with the Union of Bulgarian Writers, the Diplomatic Spectrum website, and the Association of Teachers of French Language in Bulgaria.

The topic of the Salon was “Women and their role in promoting cultural and diplomatic relations between peoples and countries”. On this occasion, six distinguished Moroccans with achievements in literature, art, teaching and research were invited to Sofia, including Nadia Yakin, poet and journalist, President of theWorld Moroccan Women Council. During the event, they participated in the bestowing of awards on behalf of their organization to H. E. Mrs. Zakia El Midaoui for her active work as ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco, as well as to Bulgarian politicians, writers and artists working to develop cultural ties between our peoples.

1Among the distinguished Bulgarians was Mrs. Gergina Dvoretzka, a journalist, poet, President of the Europe and the World Foundation. She received a plaque from the World Moroccan Women Council. Her distinction was given on the recommendation of H. E. Mrs. Midaoui for organizing two evenings of Moroccan poetry in Sofia and for her publications on Morocco on the website www.evropaworld.eu (she is its Editor-in-Chief). The award was given to her by Ms. Fouzia Al Jaidani, an artist, advisor to the World Moroccan Women Council, Chair and member of several civic organizations, Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill.

The first Evening of Moroccan Poetry in Bulgaria took place on June 1, 2018 on the idea of the Europe and the World Foundation and was organized jointly with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Bulgaria with the exclusive assistance of Ambassador Zakia El Midaoui. The Moroccan-German Association for Culture and Integration, led by Nadia Yakin, was then co-organizer of the event.

The great interest aroused by the first Evening of Moroccan Poetry in Bulgaria prompted the Europe and the World Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to organize a second such event in Sofia on November 20, 2018.

During the two poetic evenings, verses from contemporary Moroccan poets were translated into Bulgarian. The poems were translated from Arabic by poet and translator Khairi Hamdan, who also received a plaque during the first Diplomatic Cultural Salon, and the translations of Moroccan poetry written in French were made by Gergina Dvoretzka.

You could read more details about the event on January 3, 2020 on the the Europe and the World Foudation Facebook page.

Source: www.evropaworld.eu