Days of Bulgarian Cinema in Tunisia

13:19ч / 20.10.2022г
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From October 21 to 23, Days of Bulgarian Cinema will be held in Tunis. The project was implemented at the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Tunisia in cooperation with the State Institute for Culture at the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture of Tunisia and the Tunisian Cinema Center. The event is hosted by the Palace of Culture in Tunis.

Within three days, 3 documentaries and 3 contemporary Bulgarian films will be presented. The panorama of feature films presents “The Foreigner” (2012) by director Niki Iliev and two films by director Stanislav Donchev – “Letters from Antarctica” (2019) and “Bubble Gum” (2017). The panel of documentary productions includes “Testament, the Letters of My Father”, a film dedicated to Prof. Minko Balkanski from 2022 by Albena Nenkova, “Antarctica” (2020) by Zhivko Konstantinov, and “The Path of Light” (2021), produced by Prof. Ph. D. Anna-Maria Totomanova, and directed by Ivan Radev. All films included in the panorama have been kindly provided by their authors with the assistance of the State Institute for Culture at the Minister of Foreign Affairs and have French subtitles.

At the Palace of Culture in Tunis during the film days, the newest traveling photo exhibition in the collection of the State Institute for Cultureq “Bulgaria from a Bird’s Eye View” will be opened.  It is a selection of 25 large-format photographs by the photographer Alexander Ivanov, which represent an authentic journey through the picturesque and impressive aerial shots that the author captured with his lens, flying hundreds of kilometers with a motorized hang glider over different parts of Bulgaria.

The cinema panorama, presenting some films from modern Bulgarian cinematography, and the photo exhibition aim at promoting Bulgarian culture and art in Tunisia and activating the use of cultural diplomacy as a tool of interaction.

Source: State Institute for Culture at the Minister of Foreign Affairs