Tribute to the Memory of the Finnish Soldiers who Died for the Freedom of Bulgaria

06:35ч / 29.10.2015г
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A new memorial plate with the names of 23 Finnish soldiers who perished in the battle of Gorni Dubnik was inaugurated on the initiative of Prof. Venelin Tsachevski, historian and former ambassador of Bulgaria to Finland. H.E. Mr. Harri Salmi, Ambassador of Finland, and Mr. Todor Yordanov, Mayor of Gorni Dubnik, laid flowers to commemorate the 138th anniversary from the battle fought on 24 October 1877 near the village, in which a Finnish battalion of nearly 1000 soldiers participated as part of the Russian troops. The Ottoman soldiers surrendered after a bloody battle. 24 Finnish soldiers died in the battle or soon afterwards, 94 were wounded. The fallen heroes were interred in an oak forest at the place of the battle. Later a memorial park was established there in the name of the Commander of the Finnish Guard Regiment Gen. Vassily Lavrov who died as a hero in the battle.

Source: Embassy of Finland in Sofia