“Color, Sound, Movement” at the Credo Bonum Gallery

06:59ч / 30.07.2015г
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Summer exhibition

July 17th – September 3rd, 2015

For more than a month the space of the Credo Bonum Gallery will be living according the laws of geometry, in the rhythm of color, and with sound and light. The exhibition “Color, Sound, Movement” is showcasing artists who consider art to be a dedicated laboratory activity. They are using the classical techniques for painting as well as the newest digital technologies.

Geometrical abstraction is the focus of attention for the paintings and the drawings of Georgi Dimitrov, Maria Chakarova and Nikolay Petkov. For them the world of the figure(s) is but a distant remnant existing on the level of the geometrical shape; color is a vehicle for expressing ideas and experiences as well as compositional challenge to explicate the laws of spectral analysis, while using the heritage of Western European modernism.

Maria Chakarova, Grey White Blue, 70x70, 2014
Maria Chakarova, Grey White Blue, 70×70, 2014
Georgi Dimitrov,                     2011              86   86    straight line within a circle oil canvas
Georgi Dimitrov, 2011 86 86 straight line within a circle oil canvas

The exhibition aims to widen and provoke the perception of the viewers. With the works of Angel Petkov and the studio for interactive installations Reaktiv, the viewer is urged to experience art beyond the surface of the painting. The three lighted and moving columns from COLUMNICATION (a word combining column and communication) are responding to the emotions of the viewer. They are equipped with sensors detecting the nervousness of the human movement and that is making the installation change its behavior in correspondence to the presence of humans.

While the audience might be involuntary participant in this interactive play with the work of art, the musical wall “MiReLa” requires the active involvement of the viewer. Initially created for public space, the work is a group musical instrument inviting collective playing.

“Color, Sound, Movement” is focusing on a specific kind of art that is a reaction to the challenges of the modern world. It is founded on some basic rules; it awards the viewer the freedom of interpretation while widening his/her sensory learning.

Nikolay Petkov
Nikolay Petkov


Georgi Dimitrov (b. 1980) has a BA in Political Science and International Relations from VUW, New Zealand. Founder of www.nonsofia.org and orthogonal: international forum for non-objective art.

Nikolay Petkov (b. 1967) in Vratza, Bulgaria. Graduated from the Department for Mural Painting in the National Art Academy in Sofia in 1994. In 1995-96 studied History and Theory of Art at The New School for Social Research, New York. PhD in Art History, National Art Academy, 2010.

Angel Petkov (b. 1989) is studying at the New Bulgarian University. Founding member of Kinetic Studio www.kineticbg.com He currently deals with interactive and industrial design.

Reaktiv (Albena Baeva, Stephan Donchev, Patya Boiyukova and Ivan Shopov) is a studio, which is creating interactive installations for advertisement, museums, exhibitions and festivals www.reaktiv.bg

Maria Chakarova (b. 1972) graduated from the Department for Painting in the National Art Academy in 2002. Working in the field of non-figurative painting.