EXPO 2015 – First Impressions

11:24ч / 19.08.2015г
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Half of the EXPO 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan has passed and we have just now managed to visit it. Unfortunately, there is no Bulgarian participation, although the exhibition’s theme – Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, does not sound alien to the ordinary Bulgarian. It is easy to reach EXPO 2015. Milan is less than two hours away from Sofia by plane, or one day by car or bus. An area of one million square metres hosts the pavilions of 140 countries and three international organizations, as well as dozens of companies and NGOs. The appealing buildings and especially the hundreds of restaurants and cafes, offering exotic foods and drinks, attract thousands of guests. The EXPO 2015 visitors are facilitated by the huge canopy over the central alley sheltering them from the burning sunshine or the casual rain. One can find seats and resting places everywhere.

At the beginning of August the Czech Pavilion scored more than a million visitors. This is no wonder because our Central European friends have designed a very interesting attraction. In front of the building there is a swimming pool where a huge plastic bird, combining elements of a car and a plane, has landed.

On August 13 EXPO 2015 celebrated Madagascar’s National Day. On this occasion, besides solemn events, there was a colourful concert with songs and dances performed by inhabitants of the island state.

The Japan Pavilion offers a special programme which presents man’s impact on nature through video installations and other impressive special effects. The culmination of the Japanese programme is a presentation of a Restaurant of the Future. Its tables offer images of various dishes. When the patron touches an image with the typical Japanese chopsticks, the table offers information about the dish. All that is accompanied by songs and dances because eating must bring good mood, too.

Source: www.evropaworld.eu