EXPO 2015: Representatives of Various Religions Blessed Food

09:19ч / 04.09.2015г
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Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life, this is the motto of EXPO 2015 in Milan. On September 1 something happened there that has never happened at a world exhibition before: representatives of 11 different religions came together at the Expo Centre to talk about the production and consumption of food around the world. At the end they signed the Milan Charter and blessed the food, each according to the traditions of their own religion.

The Milan Charter is a document of symbolic nature but with its important message of cooperation on a planetary basis in support of the food producers, in the spirit of equality and respect of Nature, ‘The Milan Charter helps us face the future challenges and shows that EXPO Milano 2015 appreciates food as something sacred,’ said the Italian Minister of Agriculture, Agricultural and Forestry Policies Mr. Maurizio Martina who took part in the event. In his opinion, this meeting gave an opportunity to reflect on the sacredness of food, and to share experience.

In their contributions the representatives of various religions spoke about the responsibility of the religions to educate people in the spirit of love of Nature and respect of the food, because if there were no physical food, spirituality would disappear, too.

Source: www.expo2015.org