09:06ч / 11.07.2020г
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At the end of August this year, H.E. Mrs. Päivi Blinnikka, Ambassador of Finland to Bulgaria, will leave this country for good. On this occasion, taking into account the circumstances related to the pandemic, on July 7 she invited to her residence about twenty people who worked actively for the promotion of Finland and its culture in Bulgaria.

Mrs. Blinnikka said that she wanted to have a big party on the occasion of the end of her term, but she had to do so with a reduced attendance. She expressed her gratitude to the Bulgarian-Finnish Friendship Society for its initiative and activity and highlighted some of the events such as the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the declaration of Finland’s independence in the Central House of Architects, the conferences organized by Prof. Venelin Tsachevski, the “Banknotes Tell the History of Finland” exhibition on the Bridge of Lovers near the National Palace of Culture by Dimitar Dimitrov, concerts with music by Finnish composers, performed by opera singer and pianist Albena Kehlibareva and her husband, musician Hristofor Stoyanov, and others.

The Ambassador spoke with sincere admiration for Bulgaria, which she has strived to get to know over the past four years, and added that the same admiration for Bulgaria has been felt by her relatives and acquaintances who have visited this country.

Upon his return to her homeland, H. E. Mrs. Päivi Blinnikka will work at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but she said that she would come to Bulgaria again whenever possible.

An exquisite dinner followed in compliance with all health safety measures, during which Prof. Venelin Tsachevski and the President of the Bulgarian-Finnish Friendship Society Mr. Vladimir Danchev thanked the Ambassador for her responsiveness and support for the events organized by the Bulgarian friends of Finland.

It should be added that during her term of office the Embassy of Finland financially assisted the Society to participate four times with its own booth in the International Tourist Fair.

All of us who have had the pleasure to communicate with H. E. Mrs. Päivi Blinnikka, will keep the memory of her human warmth and candour and we look forward to welcoming her again to Bulgaria.

Gergina Dvoretzka