Artist Photographer Vasil Todev invites you to Tea in the Desert

08:28ч / 09.03.2018г
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H. E. Mrs. Zakia El Midaoui, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Bulgaria, opened on March 6, 2018, the exhibition of the artist photographer Vasil Todev called Tea in the Desert. It can be seen at the Photosynthesis, 57 Vasil Levski Blvd, downtown Sofia – a Place for Photography, People and Ideas. The exposition consists of photographs the author has taken during his travels in the southern part of Morocco. The presented pictures are from Marrakesh, Essaouira, the Anti Atlas mountains, Sahara and the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

The exhibition has been organized under the auspices of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco to Bulgaria. Many ambassadors, diplomats and friends of Morocco attended the opening ceremony. For them the Embassy organized a tea ceremony with Moroccan sweets which is a traditional gesture of hospitality in Morocco. The admission-free exhibition will continue until March 26, 2018.

More information about it the attendees learned from the welcoming speech of H. E. Mrs. Zakia El Midaoui, which was presented to this website with the compliments of the Kingdom of Morocco to Bulgaria:

Excellences, dear guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

On behalf of the Moroccan Embassy in Sofia, I thank all the partners of this photos exhibition for their initiative, which we highly appreciate, because it contributes to spread the wealth of the Moroccan culture in this beautiful city of Sofia, where ideas, artistic and cultural projects in all sectors abound.

I am particularly grateful to Mr Vasil Todev with whom the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Republic of Bulgaria, organizes this photos exhibition, called “A tea in the Desert”.

Our artist photographer Mr Vasil Todev is a Mountain guide since 2001. He is also the Founder and the chairman of “The Bike area Association” since 2004. Since then, he has been involved in 15 nature protection and tourism development projects in the Rhodope Mountains.

He has been travelling around the world since year 2000. He has visited by foot and also by bike many countries like Morocco, Jordan, Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Slovakia and USA.

His interest in Morocco started in 2009 when he first visited the Kingdom on a bike trip. Fascinated by the country, its nature and people he has returned to Morocco four times, either on personal or organized trips. So far he has visited the southern part of Morocco, including the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert, the Atlantic Ocean coast and the historical cities of Marrakech, Essouira, Zagora, Casablanca and Rabat.

This year he is planning another trip to Morocco as he would like to share his passion and impressions with his friends and the followers of his organization “The Bike area Association”.

Excellences, dear guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

This photos exhibition is a great opportunity to share the artist’s impressions about Morocco and to present the country to the Bulgarian and to the diplomatic audience.

Today exhibition exposes a part of the photos which the artist photographer realized during his different tourist and adventure journey in Morocco and which represent landscapes of the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara desert, the Atlantic Ocean coast and some of the famous cities like Marrakech, Essouira, Zagora, Casablanca and Rabat.

This exhibition, which last until the end of March 2018, features through these beautiful photos, an African and Arab country full of vigor, vitality, and hope. The artistic frames displayed here reflect also the friendly feeling of Bulgarian people towards the Moroccan people.

That why I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep thanks to you Mr Vassil Todev for your interest about my country, the Kingdom of Morocco, that has fascinated travelers around the world for Centuries.

I would like also to express my sincere thanks to Mr Petros Aleksiadis, the owner of the Photosynthesis center, who always supports initiatives related to photography and art.

I extend my warm thanks to Mrs Nadezhda Pavlova, the curator of the gallery “Synthesis”, for her help in selecting the photos for the exhibition and for arranging everything in the cafe-gallery of Photosynthesis art center.

I won’t forget to thank Mrs Elena Maslarova, who was responsible for the photos and for the design of the posters and the post cards of the exhibition.

Excellences, dear guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

Finally, on behalf of the Moroccan Embassy and of our partners, let me extend my warm and sincere welcome to all of you for attending this photos exhibition opening ceremony, which marks the 74th anniversary of the presentation of the Independence Manifest on the 11th January 1944, which the Moroccan people celebrate every year.

This celebration symbolizes also the triumph of the will of the Throne and the Moroccan people in the national fight for the freedom, the independence and the unity.

Once you have admired these beautiful photos, our artist photographer Mr Vassil Todev, our partners from the Photosynthesis art center, my team at the Embassy and I invite you to taste and savor the Moroccan tea with mint as well as the specific pastry of my country.”

You can see more pictures from the event in the Facebook page of the Europe and the World Foundation.

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