Our Round the World Trip… in Milan

07:18ч / 23.08.2015г
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This summer we felt like going to Italy again, and at the same time we wanted to visit some exotic places of the world. Luckily, the EXPO 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan offers both possibilities. It is really an incredible sensation that with a couple of steps you can find yourself in an African state, after a few more you are already in Asia, and in the same way you can visit a European country. Besides, people of different nationalities and races walk around you, you can hear music from different continents, and everywhere you are offered treats from all over the world… It is really a unique feeling.

The Universal Exhibition is a place where you can see the world united. It is not by chance that we picked as an illustration to this article a picture that we took in the streets of Milan: a boy in a T-shirt with a cross, a Star of David and a crescent, sitting by a pylon with the EXPO 2015 logo, while the flags of the countries participating in the great event flutter along the street before him.

We could not have walked through all the pavilions during the three days that we had set aside for the exhibition, even if we had the best intention to do it. At some places where there were huge crowds we were allowed to jump the queue when we presented our journalistic credentials. In other cases we were told politely that we have to wait for our turn. Frankly, in such a case we preferred to go somewhere else where the hullabaloo was not so huge, so that we would not waste our limited time. In this way we made unexpected discoveries. Not even in our wildest dreams could we imagine, what great impression we would get from the Gabon Pavilion in which the country’s ‘emergence’ and its striving towards a new future is presented with dignity and justified self-confidence. Among the pavilions where we took most pictures was the one of Sao Tome and Principe, which was quite unexpected. A bright memory will remain of the Kyrgyzstan presentation, too. It was housed in a limited space where clothes, decorations and toys made of felt were exhibited with a lot of taste and good mood.

We have made two conclusions: first, that no country should be underestimated because any country has something that could impress you. And second, if one pre-determines only several favourite countries and passes along those whose presence might appear more humble, one could miss one’s great discoveries.

We are going to tell more about our impressions of EXPO 2015, and we shall do it with pleasure. This pleasure, however, was embittered by the absence of Bulgaria at the Universal Exhibition. We constantly thought how much this country could have shown on this year’s theme of Feeding the Planet/Energy for Life. What an incredible lapse! Bulgaria was one of the few EU countries to be absent from this great international forum. Even Greece, with all its financial problems, has its own, be it small, pavilion. And tiny Malta has organized its limited space in an exceptionally original and artistic way, with an accent on apiculture and honey production…

It’s important to talk more about EXPO 2015… So that Bulgaria won’t skip its participation in the 2017 exhibition in Kazakhstan, too.

Source: www.evropaworld.eu