EXPO 2015: Flowers, Too, can be Food

11:45ч / 19.08.2015г
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The theme of the EXPO 2015 in Milan is Feeding the Planet. It’s not by chance that every pavilion, besides a shop selling goods and souvenirs from the particular country, has a national cuisine restaurant, too. They also organize tastings at a low price, and sometimes even for free.

The fundamental message always is to return to the natural foods which mankind has used for centuries because they are the healthiest. One of the most impressive presentations of natural foods was organized in front of the Chile Pavilion where dishes made of seeds and flowers were offered. The flowers, however, were not put there for decoration in the little tasting plates. We were warned that those flowers were to be eaten!

Honestly, we experienced a light culture shock. We couldn’t immediately accept the thought that something which is used to decorate our homes or as a present on various occasions, can serve as food, too. Curiosity overcame the distrust, however, and we tasted the flowers from the little plates. They had the taste of grass and the light aroma of a herb. Certainly, there may be poisonous beautiful plants, too, but Chileans obviously know which ones can bring not just esthetic but also culinary delight. EXPO 2015 really shows original solutions to the food theme.

Source: www.evropaworld.eu